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      @joshguillen24 Good guy zenyatta finds harmony with all things.

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      If I Mei (not sorry), I could add to your Mei guide quite a lot. While I'm only platinum rated, my game knowledge exceeds that of most. While there isn't really too much you need to know apart from common sense with Mei, there are some little tricks I've picked up that seem to help out my team.

      Tips for control points:

      If you're the last one standing on your control point with your team on the way, you can last for at least 12 seconds if you use your abilities alternating wall>cryo>wall>cryo while slowing or even freezing opponents.
      Always hover around your teammates, especially roadhog/reinhardt, and help them pick off targets for an easy numbers advantage.
      And always be on the lookout to be someones saving grace or a final nail in the coffin to some unfortunate soul with your ice wall.

      Tips for payloads:
      No matter whether you're on offense or defense, always be looking for your easy pickings. They could be alone or just a little too far forward allowing you to start freezing them. This draws attention from your team to that person if they're in plain sight and since payload maps are pretty straight forward with the map, you will almost always have teammates around.

      On Defense, you can stall like lucio with a nano boost and sound barrier if you put walls up right in front of the payload and stand against it. This forces them to either wait the full 4.5 seconds or attempt to go around to deal with you, and of course, you can fight them back by freezing or going for a kill or you can stall more by waiting till your ice wall hits 4 seconds on its cooldown then popping cryo freeze. This enables you to get a look around you and be ready to drop that wall again while your team inevitably comes charging in like cavalry.

      On Both Offense and Defense for payloads and hybrid maps, the enemy tanks will no doubt be pushing up a bit to be in your face while your tanks will probably be doing the same. Get up there with them and freeze their tanks while your lovable meatheads bash their frozen brains in. When a team has no tanks, they tend to scatter or just fall over and die. Either of those things are great for you.

      Hybrid map tips:

      Hold that first point like your life depends on it. Don't get me wrong, Mei is great at defending the payload points, but the rest of your team might not be and that is never a risk you should want to take. Mei can be a little lackluster if they don't have to funnel in somewhere or the enemy decides to focus you because you're a pain to them, BUT Mei is our frosty psuedo-tank goddess. 250 hp means you're free from almost all one-hit kills besides a nasty Reinhardt pin. So what do you do if Roadhog hooks you? Mash the ever living F--k out of cryo-freeze. 9 times out of 10, he won't turn you into swiss cheese. What do we do if Widowmaker gets a nasty headshot on us? You got it, cryo-freeze. And on top of our wonderful invulnerability that we could technically have up for 33.33% of the entire game, we have our lovely ice-wall that we can have up for 45% of the game. Use them. Don't think you're better than everyone for not walling off a choke point for 45% of the game (like in Hanamura or King's Row). Just use it and earn that easy win. Even if someone slips by you, make sure they aren't killing you then turn back around and hold that choke.

      I hope I was able to provide some help for the aspiring players that don't know how A-Mei-Zing this hero is.
      Add me on pc for any questions you ever have

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