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    • Bedders8 days ago

      @nicolasescobar40 Thanks for this, that shouldn't have stayed in obviously and I appreciate the spot. I'll get this top of today's list.

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    • Bedders9 days ago

      Excuse the rather odd appearance of this on the homepage apropos of nothing. We're just in the process of building out our core coverage and making sure we're covering all the basics. It shouldn't clog up the page too much.

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    • Bedders10 days ago

      @Crusher90 Jury's out to be honest, hence why I'm keeping them separate and as distinct archetypes for now. Best suggestion I can give is to take it out for half a dozen matches and see how it suits you and your personal playstyle!

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    • Bedders10 days ago

      @Redhawk511 Whoops you are correct, editing in now.

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    • Bedders15 days ago

      @lgemmr A previous version of the deck actually featured White Eyes. You can work him into this month's deck if you like, or alternatively try last month's highlighted list:


      2 x Spirit Claws
      2 x Jade Claws
      2 x Lava Shock
      2 x Maelstrom Portal
      2 x Elemental Destruction
      1 x Healing Wave
      2 x Hex
      2 x Lightning Storm
      1 x Mana Tide Totem
      2 x Jade Lightning
      2 x Jinyu Waterspeaker
      1 x Aya Blackpaw
      1 x Hallazeal the Ascended
      1 x White Eyes
      2 x Thing from Below


      1 x Bloodmage Thalnos
      2 x Azure Drake
      1 x Sylvanas Windrunner
      1 x N'Zoth, the Corruptor

      Let me know if you need anything else!

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    • Bedders20 days ago

      Our Bastion guide is now up to date with the latest patch, but we will continue adding to it over time.

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    • Bedders23 days ago

      Hi folks. Please have a look through the note we've made just above the tier list itself.

      We are going to be updating this article on a weekly basis for the month of March, given the state of flux that the metagame currently finds itself in.

      As we learn more about the impact of the latest card nerfs, we'll be shuffling decks around accordingly. You should consider to be very much a work in progress, and a list that's not dissimilar to the one we featured at the end of last season.

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    • Bedders23 days ago

      Hi folks. Please read through the update note on this article for details of how we plan to update our tier list over the course of the month.

      The Bastion changes are huge - and there are plenty of other tweaks too - but it will take time for a clear consensus to emerge of how things really stack up.

      We plan to update our tier list on a weekly update for the month of March. We'll use your feedback to refine it further.

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    • Bedders23 days ago

      A quick update for any new visitors coming to our Bastion guide.

      The changes for this hero have only just gone live on the servers, and we'll be comprehensively overhauling our guide to take them all into account first thing in the morning (01/03 in the UK).

      Until then you should find that quite a lot of the information contained here is still relevant!

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    • Bedders24 days ago

      @fcrone RE: your last point. This is the great unknown while we wait for the blog post to turn up.

      After Season 3's placement matches, a lot of people were unhappy as they got placed further down the rankings than they believed their natural positioning was, which made it hard to rise up* (for the reasons you rightly mention earlier in your post). I suspect this is the big thing that will change for Season 4, but we'll have to wait and see.

      *I've changed my mind since I wrote an article about how the Season 3 system wasn't as broken as people believed, and got stuck deeper into it myself. In Quick Play, my MMR gets me in a group of broadly equivalent team mates in terms of skill, game knowledge/awareness and so on - you know it when you see it, and it's obvious you are at the same level. The result is a pretty even 50:50 winrate across hundreds of matches, which is how it should be.

      Running two sites on Hearthstone and Overwatch means I get almost zero time to play competitive Overwatch though, and so I had almost zero time in Season 1 and 2 to go towards my CP rating. Even though I had a good run of placement matches in Season 3, I got tanked into bottom Bronze.

      Playing the game at that level is pure, unadulterated hell and so I just didn't have the heart to grind through it when a lovely, "balanced" QP experience was only ever a click away. Life's just too short when you're working full-time.

      Fingers crossed that there's something better coming tomorrow.

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