Overwatch: No Valentine's Day or Easter events confirmed

Developers plan to take the road less travelled for the game.

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We've known for a little while now that Blizzard plans to take a different approach to marking special real-world events in Overwatch, but last night it was confirmed again that there would be no Easter or Valentine's Day events for the game.

Confirmation came via the game's official Twitter account, in response to queries about why Overwatch doesn't mark Valentine's Day in the way that, for example, World of Warcraft does (and currently is, in fact).

"We're a different game and we've decided to go in another direction. Nothing more than that," the short response read.

In other parts of the conversation timeline, Blizzard specifically ruled out events for Easter or Valentine's Day.

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With the Year of the Rooster event due to end next Tuesday, we'll be keeping a close eye on whatever it is that Blizzard is in fact cooking up for the game next.

SOURCE - Twitter


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