Overwatch: King's Row Uprising event teased for April 11

New special event expected to land next week.

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A new Overwatch event has been teased on the game's official Twitter account, with more detail expected next Tuesday 11th April.

There's not a huge amount to go on based on the brief snippet that was shared, although you can view the entire clip below:

Here's what we can deduce from the video:

  • The event will kick off next Tuesday 11th April (expect it to go live around 6pm GMT as usual).
  • It appears to cover historical events in the game.
  • The title of the event is almost certainly King's Row Uprising.
  • It concerns the mandatory registration of all Omnics (ie robots).

That's all we know for now, although we will bring you all the latest details of the event as soon as they're revealed.


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