Overwatch: Doomfist tease appears on PTR

Smash and grab on the Numbani payload points to the arrival of Doomfist.

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A possible nod towards Doomfist - the next rumoured hero for Overwatch - has been spotted amongst the files delivered with the latest PTR update.

As spotted by a user on Reddit, the update for the test server includes a new model for the Numbani payload. In the live game, the payload contains Doomfist's gauntlet, but on the test server the glass has now been broken.

Is this a sign that Doomfist has returned to reclaim his weapon? According to the origianl poster, the PTR also contains a further 136 new (and encrypted) models for the game, which suggests some kind of new content for the game is on its way.

Compare the two images below for a closer look at how things look right now on the live server, and the new payload model that's on the PTR.

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We'll bring you all the latest news on Overwatch's next hero as and when it's released. In the meantime, take a look through our Doomfist guide to get up to speed on everything that's currently known about this hero.

SOURCE - Reddit


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