Overwatch: Reaper Hero guide

Our essential and updated guide to taking charge with Reaper in Overwatch.

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How to play Reaper in Overwatch, with guides to making the most of his Abilities, and gameplay tips to help you reap the battlefield for longer.

Reaper's a Hero who will suit those assassins who like to get right up in an opponent's face before dishing out the pain. His Hellfire Shotguns pack a hell of a punch, firing off two shots every second from an ammo clip of eight. This angel of death can also glide around the battlefield with total immunity, or even teleport to a new location within his field of view. True to his name, the very grim Reaper can also harvest a tasty 50 points of health from the souls of his deceased victims.

Because of these special abilities, Reaper tends to be a good pick if you don't mind operating as something of a lone wolf in Overwatch. You'll be spending most of your time scouting around the map, picking off any enemies you find who are close to death, getting behind enemy lines to take down turrets, and otherwise frustrating the opposing team's core elements of defense. He's an outstanding pick in particular when battle's reached something of an impasse, and you need a Hero to help your team push through in order to make significant progress.

In today's Overwatch Hero guide, we'll break down all of Reaper's core abilities and explain how each one can be used to provide your team with a powerful advantage on every map and game mode. After that, we'll talk through some tried and tested tips that will help you make a bigger impact on the battlefield. We've also got the lowdown on all of Reaper's special Lootbox unlocks for you, just in case you fancy sprucing his looks up a bit.

Editor's note - Update #3: We've expanded a few areas of our Reaper guide, with a few extra combat tips we've learned since the game was released, and a few more map-specific tips for this Hero. If there's something else you'd like to see added to this guide, then let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to add it in a future update!

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Reaper's abilities and strategy tips

Reaper's got a few tricks up his generous sleeves, and they really set him apart from the rest of Overwatch's Heroes. Here's everything you need to know about his combat moves.

Hellfire Shotguns [LMB] - Reaper's core weapons can dish out an immense amount of damage, but there's a large element of spray to their output which means you need to get right up close to an opponent to enjoy their full effect. That doesn't mean they can't be effective at all from range - they're still capable of doing a small amount of damage to a large shield.

Wraith Form [SHIFT] - When in Wraith Form, Reaper will be immune to all damage but incapable of firing his own weapons. Note that you move a little quicker while this is active, which makes the skill useful both for escaping to safety, and getting back into the thick of battle after respawning. A final important note about this skill - the activation process also removes any debuffs that Reaper might have been afflicted with.

Shadow Step [E] - Arguably Reaper's most powerful Ability, Shadow Step allows you to mark out a forward position in your current field of view and then - after a short delay - instantly whizz to that spot. If you've even been frustrated by an enemy turret, you can well understand just how much of a game-changer this ability can be. Use this to pick apart your opponent's defenses wherever possible.

Death Blossom [Q] - Every Hero in Overwatch has a juicy Ultimate Ability to enjoy, and Reaper's is called - appropriately enough - Death Blossom. When detonated, this skill will unload Reaper's weapons extremely rapidly in the direction of all nearby enemies. Note, however, that Reaper can still be taken down while unleashing this particular flavour of fury.

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AbilityAmmoFire RateCast TimeDurationCooldown / ReloadDamageRange
Hellfire Shotguns82 RPS--1.5s2-7 per-
Wraith Form---3s9s-20-22m
Shadow Step--2s-10s-35m
Death Blossom---3s-6008m radius
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