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Our regularly updated strategy guide for mastering Overwatch's McCree.

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Our latest Overwatch guide explains how to win more games with the sharp-shooting McCree, and includes plenty of useful tips for success.

Gruff Hero McGree is Overwatch's rootin', tootin' cowboy who packs a mean revolver capable of whittling an enemy's health down to nothing in no time. On top of that, he's also got some gentle crowd-control in the form of a stun grenade effect - handy for stopping speedy Heroes in their tracks - as well as a rolling mobility manoeuvre that both makes him a little harder to hit and tops up the ammo in his weapon at the same time.

While his Deadeye Ultimate is extremely powerful it does take some time to set up, and McCree will be left very exposed while it prepares. He also lacks the ability to restore his health beyond grabbing any health packs that happen to be nearby. You should also make sure you practice your aim well too, as a miss with that Flashbang takes a lot of the power out of this particular Hero.

Even if this isn't your preferred kind of role, you should of course take time to try and master McCree. Just understand that you need to have extremely quick reactions in order to shine with this character, along with good judgement for timing the use of your Flashbang - button-mashers who are prone to panic are in for a bad time here. If, on the other hand, you have quick wits and are great at traditional shooters, you should feel right at home with this gunslinger.

Editor's note - July update: Now that Overwatch has been out for a little while we're working through our Hero guides to ensure they're as up to date as they can be. In the case of McCree, that means adding a few extra details about playing this character on specific map types. We'll be fleshing out this section of the guide further in the weeks ahead.

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McCree's abilities and strategy tips

Like every Hero in Overwatch, McCree is defined largely by the handful of core Abilities he has at his disposal. In short, he's a sharpshooter character who rewards quick wits and even quicker mousework.

Here's a look at what exactly he brings to a fight.

Peacekeeper [LMB] [RMB] - McCree's pistol packs a serious shot if you fire each bullet off individually using the left-mouse button. Alternatively, you can fire off several serious shots, one after another if you use the right-mouse button instead. Note that this will completely empty your weapon of its current ammunition, so this move is best saved for when you have an enemy either cornered, or very close to death and you need to take several shots quickly in order to secure the kill. Note the fall-off element here, which means enemies who are further away will take less damage.

Combat Roll [SHIFT] - If you do find yourself out of ammunition and in a pretty sticky situation, your Combat Roll ability will not only make you harder to hit due to your reduced profile, it'll also automatically refill the ammunition in your weapon. Very handy in close-quarters combat, and an excellent example of a great offense being the best defence! Keep in mind that you can roll in any direction, as long as you're feet are firmly on the ground.

Flashbang [E] - To give yourself a rather large advantage in battle, you can fling one of McCree's Flashbangs into your opponent's face, which will stop them dead in their tracks temporarily. On an otherwise even playing field where you both have full health, this should give you a major advantage. Once you've immoblised your target, it's often a good play to rattle off a fan of bullets into their face. This will very often drop a relatively squishier character.

Deadeye [Q] - McCree's ultimate Ability is a devastating skill called Deadeye. Once activated, McCree surveys and targets all of the enemies in his field of view, before rattling off a huge volley of firepower that delivers a series of one-shot kills. The closer to death an enemy is, the faster McCree will zone in on them as a target. Specifically, every 100 HP they have will add an extra second to the time it takes to charge up.

Our most popular Overwatch guides:

AbilityAmmoFire RateDurationCooldown / ReloadDamageRange
Peacekeeper62 RPS-1.5s35-70-
Peacekeeper (Alt)66 RPS-2s35-70-
Combat Roll---8s-6m roll
Flashbang---10s255m throw
Deadeye--6s-170 p/s-
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    Is this for real?

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    but I see statements like " massive guide " and things like that in the guides; how is this actually in-depth? It's basically everything obvious wrapped in a neat little story. Reading this 'guide' won't actually help you progress with your plays...

    still, thanks for the filler content :-)
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  • Bedders#25 months ago
    @audiowaste Did you read all three pages? I find it hard to believe there isn't something of value, particularly for people who might not main this character.
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