Overwatch: Year of the Rooster guide

Everything we know about the next Overwatch event, from new skins to Capture the Rooster.

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To celebrate the start of Chinese New Year, Blizzard is introducing a new seasonal event to Overwatch, one which goes by the name of Year of the Rooster.

The news was revealed via Blizzard's official Twitter account towards the end of last week, and judging by the trailer that's just been leaked, you can expect a load of new skins and other cosmetic items to start working towards, along with a new game mode. Appropriately enough, it's Mei who appears to be the postergirl for the next special seasonal event.

Although official information has been somewhat thin on the ground, we've been able to pull together a fair amount of detail about what the seasonal patch will involve. While we've updated this guide considerably since its first incarnation, there's plenty more to come. We'll be updating this feature all the way up to launch and beyond.

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>BREAKING! - The complete, final 1.7 Patch Notes have just been released by Blizzard.

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster start date

We know from the teaser announcement and that the launch trailer that the event starts today Tuesday 24th January. That's a pretty zippy turnaround from the last event!

Blizzard is usually pretty reliable when it comes to using the same global release times for different seasonal events. Have a look at our Year of the Rooster start time page for a better idea of when the patch will likely land in your corner of the world - we'll update that page as we learn more.

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster new game mode

Just like in previous events, there will be a new mode for the seasonal window and it's a capture-the-flag affair. Take a look at our Capture the Rooster guide for more information on this special event - we'll be updating it with tonnes of tips and strategy advice throughout tonight and the days ahead.

Our most popular Chinese New Year of the Rooster content:

Overwatch: Year of the Rooster end date

The end date for the event has been confirmed as Monday 13th February, so we've got more time to grind out those loot boxes than we were initially expecting from the teaser announcement. Thankfully the leaked launch trailer has made it clear that we have several weeks to work at unlocking all of these delicious new skins.

Skins, Emotes, Highlight Intros and Victory Poses

We already know that there will be a decent selection of Skins to get hold of when the content patch goes live. Here's a very rough gallery of images pulled directly from the trailer. The moment the update hits the server we'll be pulling high quality art and replacing these images:

UPDATE! We've now got a breakdown of all the Year of the Rooster Victory Poses for you!

UPDATE 2! We've also just stripped out all of the Year of the Rooster Sprays if you'd like an early look at them.

UPDATE 3! The patch is now live, and you can get a quick look at all of the Year of the Rooster Emotes elsewhere on the site.

UPDATE 4! Three heroes got their hands on some new Year of the Rooster Highlight Intros too.

That's all for the second edition of our Year of the Rooster guide! The minute we get any further information about the event from Blizzad, we'll add it to this article with a clear note at the top about what's just been added.

In the meantime, don't forget to let us know in the comments what you think we're going to see from the new update, and what you'd most like to see when it hits the live servers!


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